Kailesh Mistry

Chief External Communications

Kailesh Mistry affords a shared commitment for enabling breakthrough success through continuous innovation across strategic and creative: thought, insight, and delivery; with eighteen years’ expertise underpinned by formal post-graduate training within the discipline of Corporate & Brand Identity. Furthermore, Mr. Mistry adopts a holistic approach to Identity, that embraces Product/Service, Communications, Behavior, and Environment & Interiors orchestration and alignment.

Mr. Mistry's experience of Identity Programs spans the full life cycle of phases from Investigation Analysis & Strategic Recommendations, Design & Development, Launch & Introduction, through to Implementation & Management. Applied and proven through a broad range of program and project experiences where outstanding results have been achieved – from the identity audit and on-screen identity design program for an independent cinema, to the full identity program for a start-up enterprise in the health care/retail sector.

Mr. Mistry's approach to identity programme success optimisation is underpinned by in-depth business appreciation, outstanding relationship management skills from operational to board level, and exceptional team playing and communications skills. His past identity programmes have involved working across all business disciplines and areas, and all internal and external stakeholders/audience groups.

Mr. Mistry has been involved with Angie since 2011.